Sunday, August 2, 2009

What exactly do I do?

I am a self-described "Green Makeup Artist". So what exactly does that mean? What makes me different than other makeup artists?
To put it simply, I offer skin and planet friendly beauty inspiration.
I truly believe that beauty should FEEL GOOD.
This is about far more than aesthetics for me. The cosmetics that fill my kit are comprised of ingredients that go beyond pretty colors - pigments come from antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables (vitamins retained), earth minerals (naturally anti-inflammatory, sun shielding, cooling), fresh herbal infusions, teas, coffee, cocoa, seaweed and salts, probiotics, active enzymes, nourishing honey, healing shea, a cornucopia of nutrient powerhouses infusing your largest and most absorbent organ with glowing, gorgeous, health - free of harmful chemicals, synthetic preservatives and genetically altered ingredients.
My concern for health and whole beauty goes beyond simply skin, but embraces my desire to do good for our planet and all creatures that share this home with us.
Every item I use is vegetarian. I do not purchase cosmetics from companies that test on animals or acquire ingredients from others who do. I aim for sustainability, right down to my bamboo brushes.
I am constantly learning and evolving, researching, striving to know more so I can offer more to you.
If I wouldn't put something IN your body, I will not put it ON your body.
I want to literally FEED YOUR SKIN.
I want to unveil your youthful glow, at any age.
I want to heal and hydrate, enhance and inspire.
I believe in COLOR, in having FUN with your makeup, in CELEBRATION and PLAY.
I don't believe in using scare tactics to prove a point. I want to educate, not frighten.
With so much positive to focus on, I embrace this rather than the alternative.
I am a makeup artist. Faces and bodies are my canvases. My tools come from the earth.
Inspiration is everywhere.
I am unbelievably grateful.