Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Life is good.

Life is blossoming and expanding as it always does with such enthusiasm and today all I want to share is how grateful I am for the immense and powerful amount of good that surrounds and fills me. I am blessed. Enjoy your days, may you all be filled with infinite joy and inspiration.
With much warmth and love,

Photographer: Courtney Dailey
Model: Sarah Varacalli
Makeup: May Lindstrom

Friday, March 5, 2010

Yummy Skin Treats from The Body Deli...

As many of you know, I am in the final stages of finishing my own signature line of luxury organic skincare.

There are no words that can describe just how excited I am about that venture and I simply cannot wait to unveil the final products soon soon soon.
In the meantime, I feel like I must introduce you to a line that next to my own (I can't resist!) is absolutely my number one.

The Body Deli (check them out here: has been wooing me hard since I first discovered their goodies early last year. I am a hard sell on skincare as my standards are beyond over the top. These guys are the real deal and we have moved into serious relationship status. We are not monogamous, but this goes far beyond lust and infatuation. :)

Disclaimer : they have just begun an affiliate program and I have happily joined in - which in theory means that if you make a purchase from them through me, a few pennies from the process will go into my pocket. I promise you in the most serious and genuine way that this has ZERO influence over my recommendations from this line or any other at any point in the present or future. I have been turning clients and friends onto The Body Deli's products over all else for months. My refrigerator and bathroom vanity contain nearly every product they have ever made and I have an ongoing wish list of the ones I have yet to sample. Mere talk of their formulations causes me to swoon and it was them who inspired me to take my own line to the next level and go over the top with my dreams and aspirations towards celebrating a healthier path to whole beauty.

Onto the company:

The Body Deli Philosophy:

Inspired by the concept of natural living and driven by the science of “living foods,” The Body Deli’s products are designed to provide nutrition for the skin -- inside and out. All of the products are handmade in small batches and incorporate raw, fresh, natural and organic ingredients, including organic yogurt, amino acids, fresh fruit and vegetables, and all-natural plant oils. The result is nutrient-rich products for the body, face and hair that deliver fresh vitamins, enzymes and minerals at their peak potency.

Their ingredients list reads like a fantasy menu of yumminess and I respect their "less is more" attitude to clean and gorgeously green formulations. A handful of my favorites that you should absolutely try (I promise to write full on reviews of all the items I am enamored with soon) :

Creme de la Rose:
Experience the fountain of youth in this luxurious and concentrated anti-aging treatment. Blended with the regenerating oils of pure Organic steam distilled Bulgarian Rose, Moroccan Rose Geranium and Sandalwood from India. Highly effective Marine Red Algae extracted Amino-Peptide chains help to diminish the depth and appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Plus this cream is synergistically blended with living Bio-Active Fresh Cells of fruits and vegetables that transform this cream into the ultimate anti-aging and regenerating facial treatment.

Sea Cucumber Gelee:

This extraordinary facial hydrator infuses the skin with pure moisture. Organic Aloe Vera is combined with skin toning Algae and nature's most potent moisturizer, Hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid has the ability to bind more than ten times its weight in moisture. This highly effective combination gives you the finest all natural moisturizer that imparts a dewy glow while it cools, soothes and hydrates the skin. Fresh Cells of cucumber and other powerful anti-oxidant rich fruits compliment this facial treatment and enhance its nutritional value for the skin.

Rose Geranium Cleanser:

Fresh Cell Rose Geranium Cream Cleanser is formulated to be gentle and soothing for sensitive skin. Rose Geranium is a very harmonizing and balancing plant extract. This is an excellent daily cleanser for sensitive skin that is easily irritated from environmental pollution, stress or hormonal changes. The benefits of Rose Geranium for the skin are profound. This unique botanical is known for it's balancing effect in helping to hydrate dry patches and also normalize oiliness in the T-Zone area. Bio-active Fresh Cells enhance the function and nutritional value for this highly effective facial cleanser.

Blueberry Fusion Scrub:

Indulge in this amazing one of a kind facial polish. This anti-oxidant rich Organic Blueberry facial scrub is the ultimate exfoliant to gently create a smooth as silk complexion. Fresh Blueberries are blended to keep the high levels of anti-oxidant activity intact and create a treatment that feeds the skin as it exfoliates. All natural fruit acids are added in combination with natural earth particles that create the perfect balance of exfoliating action to leave your skin feeling rejuvenated, soft and smooth. Bio-active Fresh Cells are added for their beneficial nutritional value.

Radiance Enzyme Peel:

Regenerate your complexion with this living biological plant derived peel. Fresh uncooked superfoods are combined with wild harvested therapeutic grade Manuka Honey. Manuka Honey is known and respected for its healing abilities and has high levels of enzymes which create unparalleled smoothness and softness to the skin. The Radiance Enzyme Peel will boost your natural glow and smooth out imperfections and visible signs of aging. Beneficial probiotics such as acidophilus and bifidum are also blended into this peel to create a profound treatment that has a lasting visible impact on the complexion.

Glacial Mineral Mud Mask
This spa quality mud masque now makes it possible to give yourself a facial at home. This imported Canadian mineral mud masque is designed to deeply cleanse the pores. This mask draws out excess oil, debris and toxins from the skin, while it helps to shrink and minimize the appearance of the pores.


Okay, off to soar over mountains...

Love and warmth to you all.