Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I have the greatest job in the world.
This is what I was thinking the other day, perched on the edge of photographer Ward Robinson's rooftop studio overlooking Los Angeles, the most incredible gold sunset wrapping it's warmth all around me....

Our outrageously beautiful model with the fullest lips I have ever seen wanders over to me, points out the fact that me laying in the sun on the side of the building like this would be just dandy... if there wasn't a drop inches away to several stories down with no rail to hold me in. Oh yes. I remind myself that I'm not really a bird... and prayed that any earthquakes hold off for at least the next fifteen minutes and basked there until the sun dipped below the palm tree speckled horizon.
What I am loving most about my job right now is that I created it. I took a passion and made a profession. For years, I have heard over and over and over that I could not be successful as a makeup artist and still offer healthy, natural beauty... that 'green' products have not reached a certain quality level or there would not be a demand for a service that challenged the ordinary or that eco friendly could not exist outside of a crunchy granola girl package or bla bla bla bla bla... It is simply not true. I am having fun disproving these theories.
Tomorrow I am shooting the cover of "A Distinctive Style", a green magazine who's subtitle is Awareness/Art/Inspiration. Our model is Rachel Avalon, 2009 winner of Project Green Search, a campaign aimed at inspiring people to align their careers with their environmental, social and humanitarian ethics, serving as a platform to connect mission driven people with sustainable businesses and organizations in the modeling, spokesperson, design, fashion, entertainment and arts arenas. And most appropriate to photograph this job is of course my dear friend and eco enthusiast Courtney Dailey who is in the slow and thorough process of greening her downtown studio.
I could not be more thrilled to be where I am right now. I am watching my green world prosper. I am creating my own universe of collaborators who care, who are kind to our planet, who embrace a healthier path towards glorious green beauty.
I have the greatest job in the world.

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