Wednesday, July 29, 2009

All business...

My new business cards arrived today and while they are not quite perfect (I'm on the search for thick, velvety, recycled paper stock with a substantial weight to it to print on the for the next round), I am quite pleased.
Design by: Black and Blue Graphics


  1. Hey May - where did you have your cards printed? I am in the process of revamping ... well, pretty much everything, including my business cards, and I'd love to know a few good places to support!

  2. I'm actually revamping my card this week as well, adding a bit of additional pertinent information.
    I have yet to find the perfect printing place but my standards are high - I want recycled stock with heft to it, a nice weight in your hand. I want soy or vegetable based inks. I want good customer service and business practices.
    When I figure all that out, I will happily post and recommend. :)

    If you are seeking a graphic designer, check out

    He did my original card and is reworking my new one, and I love love love them.