Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Smile Inspiring Find...

One of the very first items I replaced in my bath and beauty arsenal when I started becoming more aware of the impact my personal care items were having on my wellness was toothpaste.

For years, I would develop a persistent redness and flaking around my nose and mouth that I eventually discovered was a sensitivity to toothpaste ingredients (as it turns out, this is a very commonly seen symptom in dermatology). I tried a number of health and planet conscious options - from straight baking soda to tubes of tasteless putty to soapy Dr. Bronners straight onto the brush.

My goal was to find a cleanser for my teeth that actually made me feel clean, tasted good (nothing that would prevent me from being kissed immediately after!), was uncomplicated and didn't break the bank. I also absolutely insist on no fluoride and no Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. It is quite the challenge finding a toothpaste without either of these two standard ingredients and to find one I actually like - a true feat!

Finally, success! I came across Jason Sea Fresh at Whole Foods Market, a
n all-natural sea-sourced toothpaste, this formula is made with certified organic blue green algae, sea salts and trace minerals. Not only that, it contains three natural whitening polishers to gently prevent plaque build up - bamboo powder, calcium carbonate and silica. Anti-bacterial grapefruit seed extract and perilla seed extract help block sugar acids and bacteria from forming in your mouth. Certified organic aloe vera gel soothes and relieves gums from irritation, and essential oils of mint bring the deep-sea spearmint flavor. Yum!

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